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Fr. Andrea Lembo, P.I.M.E.

Parish  Priest 

Superiore Regionale (P.I.M.E.)

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice! "

Phil 4, 4​

As Christians, we believe that we must carry out a life filled with the joy of Jesus Resurrection in a truly meaningful way. 
In other words, we must forgive each other, accept each other and pay attention to what everyone needs.
There are so many and various forms of service to the others that we can do in our daily life. 
In this way Jesus Resurrection will be the source of unrestrained power.
This power renews the world through the Resurrection of Christ.



Fr. Vincent Lazun Naw San, P.I.M.E.

Assistant Parish Priest

-Everything is God's blessing and plan but not by chance-

  My name is Lazun Naw San (Vincent) and I’m a member of PIME missionary society. I am from Myanmar and belong to Kachin ethnic group. It's been four years since I came to Japan and actually my stay in Japan is 3 years. In 2019
I went back to my country, Myanmar and returned to Japan last August. I think I was lucky to be back in Japan regardless of the influence of the current Corona situation.
   In 2021, April 1 Tokyo diocese officially announced my new appointment as an assistant parish priest of Fuchu Catholic Church. For this I truly thank God.
  I strongly feel that everything is God's blessing and plan but not by chance.      Actually working at Fuchu Church makes me feel like I'm back home. This is because Fuchu Church is a church where our PIME priests have been working from the beginning. I am happy and proud to be able to continue the work that my great seniors had started.
    As the beginning of my mission, I would like to express three things for our church and community.
First of all, we must be good friends with Jesus.
The second is to build true friendships between us as Christians and become a graceful church.
   And finally, making friends with everyone. I think that is the mission of each of us.  Of course, true friendship is built on trust, mutual understanding, honesty and transparency. Let's walk together on this long journey of faith in the mercy of God. Thank you.


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