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✤ Introduction to Christianity Class  

2nd and 4th Sundays   After 10:00 mass

Individual schedule will be worked out for persons who want to prepare themselves for baptism.

※ For registration, please sign up with the QR code, or contact our church office at tel. 042-361-9888.

~ Open for those who encounter Christianity for the first time, those who wish to be baptized, and those who want to learn a little more about the catechism


✤ Online Bible Study (on Zoom and YouTube)

3rd Fridays     20:00

“Let’s sing with Fr. Vincent in Burmese.”

✤ Weekday Bible Study  

Fridays           After 09:30 mass (~10:15)

Lectio Divina

- scripture reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation

✤  Sunday Bible Study 


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