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Children’s Cafeteria “La Mensa Degli Angeli”

~Open to Public~


2nd, 4th Saturdays        11:30 ~ 13:30


For details, please refer to the poster.

Study Support “School Joy” (Reopened on May 27, 2023)

~ Open to Public ~


2nd, 4th Saturdays        13:30 ~ 15:30

                                 (Any time within this period is available)


Venue:                      Basement Hall, Fuchu Catholic Church

Target:                      Elementary School students

Target:                      (Junior High School students are also welcome.)


Available Support:    One-on-one tutoring in major school subjects

Available Support:    Educational counseling       

Fee:                          Free of charge

Volunteer:                 School teacher/ University volunteer/ Counselor, etc.


* When joining, please bring along your study materials, e.g., textbooks, homework, and drill.


For inquiries, please contact us at

Volunteer Concert (Temporarily suspended)

Weekdays           Any appointed time

Monthly Presentation by Caritas Fuchu (Temporarily suspended)
(Lectures, study sessions, etc.)

Sunday         10:30 

Support for overseas developing countries, disaster-stricken areas, etc.

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